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sunday club

Sunday Club is what we call Sunday School.  Most of us have fond memories of Nativity Plays at Christmas and perhaps trips to the seaside, all organised by our Sunday Schools.  We probably also recall making things at Sunday School, whether it's biblical characters like the two pictured above or palm crosses to celebrate Christ's entrance to Jersualem.

Bringing our children up so they have as full an understanding of Christianity as possible is very important. In the fullness of time, we hope that they will make the decision to become members of the Church and put their Christian learning to good use to benefit our community and the wider world.  However, we believe that one of the best ways to engage with young people today is to make that learning fun, and this includes trips to play ten-pin bowling, Messy Church and, of course, interesting the children in lots of other related organisations, such as the Anchor Boys and Boys Brigade.

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