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Faith, Hope, Love in Action

Faith, Hope, Love in Action within Galston Parish Church Friday 25th October

It was in good Faith that the refurbishment of our parish church was undertaken with the Hope that the building would be preserved and improved to offer and encourage our community a building fit for our town to use in the years to come.

In celebration of the completed works, it was suggested that we should arrange a concert.

We are so lucky to have friends and their friends in and around Galston who have great memories of their times in Galston Parish Church and who wanted to be involved in our musical celebration so offered their Time and Talents to entertain us for the evening.

It was obvious to the audience that all who were entertaining us Loved to sing and make music and equally obvious that the audience received their message by their thundering applause.

The enjoyment in the evening was palpable and it was wonderful to see everyone smiling, mixing and chattering and all because The Band, Piper, Choirs and Individual Singers performed for us here in Galston Parish Church.

Thanks to each of our entertainers and to all who helped in any way to make our concert such a successful evening (including John Bryson at Aroma Coffee and Cann Print in Crookedholm). The evening certainly would not have been as great a success without the audience. Approximately 250 people attended the concert. The retiral collection raised £640, which will be shared amongst those less fortunate i.e. the charities of East Ayrshire Churches Homelessness Action and Salvation Army Food Bank, and the school and hospital on Likoma Island, Malawi, being the organisations our Church supports on an ongoing basis.

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