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The Church of Scotland has had a relationship with Malawi for many years.  In Galston, we've been supporting the people on Likoma Island in this lovely, landlocked south-east African country for a long time now, contributing in many ways, but principally through gifts of money to help the people there with health, medicines and education. 

Helen Haigh, Marilyn Thomson and Diana Stewart are the Malawi Associates and more Associates are welcome to join them.



The Congregational Board at its meeting in August 2017 agreed to a fundraising proposal. Nkhwazi School required three volunteer teachers.  At that time, the school did not have enough teachers, but had many pupils requiring education.  The cost of £30 per teacher per month (£ 90 in total) could be met if members of the congregation agreed to donate £3 a month by direct debit.  As always, the people of Galston responded with their usual generosity and the £90 total was exceeded.  As a result of this support, three volunteer teachers will be employed for the next five years, and any surplus money raised will be used to support education on the island.



The laboratory manager at St Peter's Hospital, Charles, has received support from Galston for a number of years.  He has gained a diploma in Health Sciences from Malamulo College, has just completed a B.Sc at Mzuzu University, and hopefully will complete his Masters Degree within the next three years.  He has accomplished all of this while working at the hospital, overseeing the distribution of funds with the other guarantors and supporting outlying communities by travelling to them on his motorbike!  Charles is a remarkable, modest man whose Christian faith and commitment to his fellow islanders is outstanding.

Stanley, a volunteer at the hospital, began his training at Ekwenden College in October 2018.  Stanley needed a laptop for his course work, and funding for this and his college course was provided by Galston.  He will complete his course in two years time, and will join Charles at the hospital as a formally trained pharmacy assistant.



MARCH 2019 UPDATE: Charles reports that Stanley's studies are going well, and that he will finish his first semester in May 2019.




Charles, our link person on Likoma Island, contacted us to ask for support for another young man Ernest whose mother and father both work at the hospital as cleaners. Ernest had expressed a wish to train in Midwifery, and had been provisionally accepted for the course, but needed support with college fees, uniform and other subsistence costs.  Ernest's fees have been covered, but at least £300 was required to provide uniforms, stethoscope, thermometers and other essentials for the course. £400 was sent from the church's Malawi account, and Ernest began his course on 15th April 2019.

Ernest is pictured below with his proud parents.


The latest email from Charles thanked everyone for the support given to the hospital and the school by Galston.  "Galston is our friend in need and a friend indeed.  You have done a lot, especially last year and this year.  God richly bless you.

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