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we are not just the kirk - we are the community

Our church has played a central role in our community for hundreds of years.  Literally thousands of people from Galston and beyond have been christened here, worshipped here, got married here, had their children baptised here and then, in due course, had their funerals in the Parish Kirk.  The Church was indeed the first 'cradle to grave' organisation, but one with a unique role, underpinned, naturally, by the Christian faith of our members. 

However, we don't exist in a vacuum, but also play active roles in many other local organisations, from The Guild to the Masonic Lodge  - and from our local golf and bowling clubs to a wide range of children's and youth bodies, including the Girl Guides and Boys Brigade.  Here, you can find more information on several of our most important clubs and organisations and we would encourage everyone, whether members of the Kirk or not, to play an enthusiastic part in the local life of Galston and the Valley.

hiring the hogg hall

The Hogg Hall was built in 1967 and provides a bright, modern facility for clubs and organisations. It is available to hire at the very reasonable rate of £15 per hour, including use of all the facilities (kitchen, toilets, etc.)   

For more information on hiring the Hogg Hall, please email Jack Adams at:

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