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Christenings, weddings, Funerals

Christenings, Weddings, Funerals - the three key events that are at the very core of human existence and relationships - have been celebrated in Galston for centuries.  Today, we encourage you to put your church at the heart of your life, from your union with the special person who you want to spend the rest of our life with, to the baptism of your children and, in time, to your passing from this world to the next. 


For more information on getting you or your child baptised (adult baptisms are increasingly requested), your wedding arranged or a funeral for a loved relative, please contact the Minister at  or call her on 01563 821549.


Please note: for funerals, there is a cost of £40 to pay for the Church Officer for opening up and preparing the Church and a further charge of £85 for the organist.  There is no charge for the Minister’s services.  

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