Our partnership with Arhensfelde Church in (former East) Germany began in 1987, when Rev. Loudoun Blair was introduced to Pastor Bruno Schottstadt of Marzhan Nord Church (near Arhensfelde) and made aware that Pastor Peter Johann of Arehensfelde Church was interested in contacting a Scottish Church.


This contact was made and the partnerships established. Early visits were made by road and sea (coach and ferry). With cheaper air travel the fourth group from Galston took the easy option! The large groups from Ahrensfelde continue to make their journey by coach and ferry.

On other occasions, families from Ahrensfelde have visited Galston for holidays in Scotland. Many lasting friendships have been forged. The Galston-Ahrensfelde Partnership continues to flourish with the most recent visit being made in May 2017, when Rev. Kristina Hine and 18 members of the congregation along with 3 visitors joined visitors from Britzingen (another partner church for Ahrensfelde) to visit the Kirchentag being held in Berlin and Wittenberg. This visit also marked 30 years of the Galston-Ahrensfelde Partnership.


A planned visit in October 2020 has been cancelled because of the Coronavirus situation, as has the annual Coffee Morning due for Easter Saturday.